Unable to uninstall OpenCL SDK in Windows 8.1

Unable to uninstall OpenCL SDK in Windows 8.1

I had OpenCL SDK installed on Windows 8 and after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 I was not able to uninstall it because its installer is not compatible with 8.1. Now that I want to install the r2 version with DOES support 8.1, but in the installation process it considers itself an upgrade to the exsiting SDK and attempts to uninstall the old one and therefore was not able to proceed because it calls the old installer whch tells me the same "not compatible" error.

Can anyone provide a solution for this situation?


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Please try the following steps:

- search the registry for "SDK for OpenCL" and delete all the keys (installed by the Intel SDK)
- reinstall the SDK


That didn't work. Now the intallation does not find previous version to upgrade though, but it simply starts and then rolls back, reporting an error has occured.

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