Developping an OpenCL plugin for Maya - debugger not launching

Developping an OpenCL plugin for Maya - debugger not launching


I have a problem with the Intel Debugger : when developping a plugin for Maya, the Intel Debugger doesn't lauch. The VS project has specific line for the debugger in Project->Properties->Debugger->Command->"$(MAYA_64_DIR)\bin\maya.exe", and therefore, I suppose that the specifi configuration of the project doesn't launch the Intel Debugger.

To test the problem, I have used the ToneMapping example, wich can be debugged on a stand alone version, but not when debugged from Maya.

Do you know what I should do to lauch the Intel Debugger in such a configuration ?

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When debugging from Maya, did you run your kernels on CPU or GPU ?

Does Maya run the OpenCL application in a different process ?




Hello Oded,

First thank you for your answer.

I run the kernel on CPU.

As far as I can see from the Task Manager, Maya run the application in the same process Maya.exe. Besides, I can debug the C++ code of the plugin with Visual Studio by putting a breakpoint. But even if I go step by step to the line clEnqueueNDRangeKernel, the Intel Debugger doesn't take control.

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