Passing -g option is causing compiler to segfault

Passing -g option is causing compiler to segfault

When I compile the following code with the -g flag to the OpenCL compiler, I get a segmentation fault.

typedef struct { uint x; } S;
void f(__local S *p) {}
__kernel void k()
    __local S s;

I'm using 64-bit Ubuntu 13.10 (which I know isn't supported, but perhaps this bug applies to supported platforms too). I tried to include more detailed instructions on how to reproduce the problem, but I kept getting an error message about triggering the spam filter.

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Hi Bruce,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We had similar bug reports (with -g) before and there is a fix for it which I hope will be available in the next upcoming release. I will post an update here once the release is out.


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