Bug in OpenCL kernel builder on Intel HD Graphics

Bug in OpenCL kernel builder on Intel HD Graphics


I found a curious bug in kernel builder of Intel OpenCL SDK (Version 2013 R3 64-bit) when it executes on Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Core i5 4570).

I write following kernel:

#define cn 1

__local uchar val1; val1 = 19;
__local uchar val2; val2 = 18;
__local uchar val3; val3 = 9;
__local uchar res; res = 255;
for (int c = 0; c < cn; ++c)
    if ( val2 > val1 || val3 < val1 )
            res = 0;

This is a simplified version of a piece of code of InRange function from OpenCV library. 

Correct value 'res' variable is 0, but I have 255. On other platforms (Intel CPU, NVIDIA, AMD) this code works correct. If remove 'break' this code works fine on all platforms. 

HD Graphics driver version:


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Hi Alexander,

The driver you are using is old. It is possible that there is a bug in that version, but I tested this on the latest driver on downloadcenter.intel.com ( and I get the correct result. Is it possible for you to update the driver and try again?


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I verified that indeed the 3257 driver has the bug. Please update the driver and let us know.


Hi Raghu,

I installed new version of HD graphics driver and this code works correctly. 

Thanks a lot!

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