Cache size of GPU (HD-2500) in Intel i5-3470

Cache size of GPU (HD-2500) in Intel i5-3470


Can anyone specify the cache sizes (L1, L2 and L3) of Intel GPU - HD 2500 in Ivy bridge i5-3470? The cache sizes of CPU is L1=128k, L2=1M, L3=6M. Does GPU use the same cache hierarchy or what?



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GPU uses different hierarchy. In the context of OpenCL the private data is stored in the GRF (Graphics Register File) which is 512KB (this has the lowest latency), local data is mapped to Shared Local Memory which is about 64KB, which the Global memory is mapped to Graphics L3 which is 256KB.

Private data can sometimes end up in global memory. Its more complicated.


Hi, thanks for the reply. Are these numbers specific to HD-2500 in i5-3470? Can you point me to some official Intel documentation, available online, specifying these numbers?

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