Virtualbox and

Virtualbox and

OpenCL application on Fedora 20 on host machine works, and strace says that it loads On vmachine inside Virtualbox the program fails at clCreateContext; strace says it doesn't find

/proc/cpuinfo at host machine says that model name is Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, stepping is 9 and cpuid level is 13. On virtual machine cpuid level is 5. Is this related?

Is there some deep problem with OpenCL and virtualization? If not, known problem  with Virtualbox?


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Hi Jori,

One possible reason could be the absence of SSE4.1 instructions inside the guest OS. Please see the corresponding ticket - It has been updated just a few days ago - you need to use the latest VirtualBox RC to give it a try.

This is just a suggestion though, i didn't check it myself. Please, post the results here.


That was it. Thanks!

However, page at says "support - - is limited to - - SSE 4.1 or higher." After VBoxManage setextradata name-of-vmachine VBoxInternal/CPUM/SSE4.1 1 it didn't work. Anyways, same with SSE4.2 makes this to work.

Another thing, isn't there some kind of bug? Some code refers to non-existing .so -file.


Thanks for following up. I have created a ticket to resolve the issues with non-existing .so file and documentation (SSE 4.1 vs 4.2).


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