Problem with unsupported Graphics Driver version(?)

Problem with unsupported Graphics Driver version(?)


I am trying to install the new Intel SDK for Open CL Applications 2014 Beta on my machine, but I do not manage.

My machine is running windows 7 (32-bit), and has Intel Core i5-3320M CPU and Intel HD Graphics 4000 processors.
The Intel Graphics Driver currently installed on my machine has version, but I find in the documentation
that the new SDK requires version 15.33.8 and higher.

Trying to upgrade to the latest OpenCL driver and runtimes from this page:,
the automatic software suggest me to install Graphics Driver version,
and I try to do it, but the installation fails with a message that "this driver version is not validated for this computer".

Indeed, looking at the README file of the driver, I don't see the i5-3320M CPU in the Product Support list.

What do you recommend that I do?


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Can you go to, and try installing the latest graphics driver for your config (Win7-32, HD Graphics 4000) and let us know if it helps? I see that the latest for your system would be


Hi Raghu,

Thanks for message! I have tried again with the newer version that you recommend:

but the installation fails with the same error message:


The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please
obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.

Setup will exit.


Do you have another suggestion?




Hi David,

My understanding of the problem is that you have a laptop and its manufacturer provides customized version of Intel graphics driver and prohibits installation of the generic one. Please see this link for explanation:

There is however a way to install the generic drivers manually:

But consider doing this at your own risk, I'm now aware of the possible issues that might appear. At least, I would recommend either to create a restore point or to have OEM drivers ready, so you will be able to revert to them again in case of any failures.


Hi David,

As Yuri suggested if you have an OEM laptop you need to get the drivers from their website. But again there are ways you can bypass this but you are at your own risk (though I do this on a daily basis without issues). You can update the driver from Device Manager by using the "Have Disk" method.


Hi Raghu and Yuri,

Thanks very much for these further tips! You are right that I was trying to use an OEM (Dell) laptop. I may try your new suggestions in a bit, but in the meanwhile I have found an alternative machine where OpenCL is already installed. This suffices for my immediate needs.

Thanks again for your prompt and useful replies to my questions!


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