clBuildProgram crashes when targetting HD 4400 Intel GPU

clBuildProgram crashes when targetting HD 4400 Intel GPU


I am working on an open source jpeg 2000 decoder:

I am on windows, using visual studio 2012 and the 2014 beta OpenCL sdk.

My laptop has an intel CPU and an HD4400 intel GPU.  When I target the CPU,

everything works fine. But, when I target the GPU, clBuildProgram crashes with an access




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I was able to build and run your application on my HD4400 graphics without issues (I didn't have the source jp2 file but downloaded a file and modified your source). The fact that you weren't able to run the sample from the SDK tells me that the runtime is probably not installed correctly.

What version of the gfx driver do you have? Can you update the driver and/or reinstall/repair the SDK and run the sample?


Thanks, Raghu. I have switched to another machine that has an AMD graphics card; will try what you suggest

if I switch back to the HD4400 machine.

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