Failed to create profile program: -34 (CL_INVALID_CONTEXT)

Failed to create profile program: -34 (CL_INVALID_CONTEXT)

I don't seem to be able to run "Deep Analysis" on my kernel.

It always returns an error: Failed to create profile program: -34 (CL_INVALID_CONTEXT)

I'm running Win7/x64, the latest Beta Intel HD driver and today's new OpenCL 2014 package.

The processor is an HD Graphics Ivy Bridge 6 EU model (Celeron 1037U !!!). :)

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Can you provide more details on how we can reproduce this issue? What is your kernel, how are you setting the inputs etc.?


I can send you a Kernel Builder session that reproduces it.

I've stripped it down to a kernel that loads 8 uint8 vectors and stores 8 uint8 vectors.  

The Kernel Builder input variable is 8 uint8's (randomized) and the output is 8 uint8's (zeroed).

It always fails with a -34 error.

I don't know if this is an issue with the ultra-tiny Celeron 1037U (Ivy Bridge).  

I'm running the latest HD Graphics beta driver (



Can I assume from the other message you wrote ( that this issue is solved?




No, that issue wasn't solved.  I emailed a reproducing case to Raghu.  It's the same .kbsess I sent you. 

The issue appears to be related to include files being problematic during Deep Analysis.


I still get this error on a Haswell HD4600 when loading a new session or launching a Deep Analysis.

Any progress on this bug?

Huzzah, the bug is gone in today's Inde 2015 Update 2.

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