HD4000: Can it load 4 floats at one clock ?

HD4000: Can it load 4 floats at one clock ?


I'm running OpenCL on Intel's HD4000 GPU.

It seems that this GPU has no vector calculations.

According to the query:


The vector width is 1. Which means that float4 calculations are executed as 4 float scalars.

But what about the size of the loaded vector from global memory ?

Can HD4000 load 4 floats (or even 8) at one clock ?

Can you send a document describing those features ?

I did not find the relevant document in google.



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Hi Z.V.,

IVB GPU can actually execute 8 SP floats / cycle / EU. With MAD that's 2X so peak is 16 SP float ops / cycle / EU. I will try to find the public doc (if one is available) and post the link here.


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