Warning when install SDK on Win8.1 x64 &HD 4000

Warning when install SDK on Win8.1 x64 &HD 4000

I got a warning “installation directory must be on a local hard drive”while I installing the SDK.

I used cmd(Admin) to fix this problem and finished the installation but I have no idea whether there will be something wrong?

Also I saw the Win8.1 system is not in the SDK platform list but in the target platform list, does that mean I cant develop it on Win8.1 with vs2012?

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Hi Jason,

The message comes from MSI installer (not from the OpenCL SDK). And probably you have used a proper workaround, like described here for example - http://ephams.com/2013/03/10/msi-installer-error-installation-directory-....
I think you should be able to develop OpenCL applications just fine - please build and run some OpenCL samples to check if you have any issues.


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