Linux support for GPU on intel Core Processor

Linux support for GPU on intel Core Processor

Hi All,

I am taking investigation on intel OpenCL developing under linux.

I found the release note (Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2014) did not listed GPU of Core Processor as the target platform under linux or android.

So is that mean there is no chance to run opencl application on GPU of Core Processor under any distribution of linux, even with SDK on Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot!

A new comer of OpenCL computing


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Hi Ming, 

You are correct that the Linux releases of OpenCL downloadable today are CPU only.  The need for a GPU implementation for Linux is well understood.  Please watch the OpenCL product pages and this forum for updates on this topic. In the meantime, OpenCL GPU applications can be developed and optimized in Windows with the SDK and suite of tools available today.

Regards, Jeff


Thanks a lot! Hope intel supports GPU computing under linux soon.

Best Regards,


I'm also hope intel supports GPU computing under Linux.

Unfortunately, I cannot work productively without OpenCL under Linux.

It's very sad. Look here my problem

Best regards.

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