OpenCL Optimization guide for celeron N2820

OpenCL Optimization guide for celeron N2820



I have celeron N2820 based NUC. 

I would like to to optimize my opencl programs for this SoC having Intel HD graphics. 

Can some one point me to a guide or other resources for :

1- A block diagram of this SoC 

2- OpenCL optimization guide for this SoC, or at least closes matching SoC 





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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

For SoC details go to: The data sheet should provide the details you need.

For OpenCL optimization, start with optimization guide in the SDK documents and with the graphics compute guides at:

Please note that the OpenCL optimization guide are for Graphics architecture Gen 7.5, while the device you have is Gen 7. Also, Celeron is an entry level CPU, and as such while the Gen 7.5 guide talks about 40 graphics EUs, your celeron has only 4 EUs, so performance will be in that ball-park.



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