Device becomes unavailable after attempting to create context

Device becomes unavailable after attempting to create context

My cpu device is reported as available from clGetDeviceInfo.  But when I try to clCreateContext, it returns error -2 (CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE).  The device is then reported as non-availble from clGetDeviceInfo.

I am running ubuntu 14.04 on virtualbox on Windows 7.  From what I gathered, running in a VM is not an issue for OpenCL on a cpu.  My cpu is an i5-2520m.

There might be a solution ( and, but I thought I would try this forum first.  The solution in those posts is to install the AMD graphics driver, even if one does not have an AMD video card.

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Hi Maxime,

What version of VirtualBox you are using? Please note that SSE4.2 support is required for Intel OpenCL CPU runtime. And I'm not sure whether latest official VitrualBox release support it. See this discussion -
You might also check /proc/cpuinfo for the presence of sse4_2 in flags.


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