some troubles in progress of Opencl SDK installation

some troubles in progress of Opencl SDK installation


my system is Ubuntu 16.04LTS, the device name is  ivybidge.

I downloaded  "intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2511_x64.tgz". After extracting, the folder includes several docments ,like pset folder, rpm folder,, and so on.

the question is how can i use these resources to install SDK successfully?

according to some helps , in command window , I inputed  $(dirname $0)/ --gui-mode $@ , but it showed  an error =====bash: syntax error near unexpected token '/'

I really don't know what's the meaning................

BTW, the "getting started " doc shows following: 

$ mv install_SDK_prereq_ubuntu.sh_.txt

$ sudo su

$ ./


but i can't find the file named " install_SDK_prereq_unbuntu.sh_.txt".

Thanks for any feedback! 

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There is a new question. After installation, I want to test it through a simple example, the software is so different from which on windows(just click *.exe). I can find the path where opencl_sdk is installed, but I don't know how can I 'open' , bulid, run the example on Opencl SDK.


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