Instalation Intel System Studio 2019 - OpenCL Issue

Instalation Intel System Studio 2019 - OpenCL Issue

     I installed Intel System Studio 2019 on windows platform.
     Running Visual Studio 2015 the following error pop up:
     "API Initialization failed:
     Failed to find intel OpenCL platform on local host".
     How can I resolve this issue?
     I have a licence for one instance of Intel Visual Studio 2019,
     Can I use the same registration to install Intel Visual Studio 2019 on a 
     second computer?
     Please advice.
     Best Regards,

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Hi MicahM,

Thanks for sharing the issue.

To summarize considerations:


Microsoft Visual Studio* has a plugin interface used by Intel­® System Studio 2019: OpenCL™ Tools. Upon load, the plugin will interrogate OpenCL runtimes that enable OpenCL capable hardware on an Intel based system.

Typically, the feedback you observed indicates OpenCL runtimes are not available on that system as configured.


  • Installing an Intel® Graphics Driver for a system that has Intel® Graphics hardware provides both CPU and Graphics OpenCL implementations.
  • Reinstall will also attempt to place needed OpenCL references in the system registry.
  • Try your system vendor's website for an updated graphics driver. Vendors repackage the Intel® Graphics Driver. Vendor provided packages may be required to keep support status from the vendor.
  • Otherwise, users can obtain the graphics driver from
  • It may be useful to check if Intel® Graphics hardware has been disabled in the system bios.
    • Systems that do not have built in graphics can consider using the Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications. This CPU Runtime is built in with the developer tools installer. Look for a checkbox at Intel® System Studio 2019 Update 4: OpenCL™ Tools install time.
  • Reinstall Intel® System Studio 2019: OpenCL™ Tools Update 4 as it has some compatibility fixes. Notably with the new default DCH designated graphics driver types.
  • Consider the manual insttructions in this post.
  • Try an alternate interrogation application to see if runtimes are deploy correctly, separate to do with the SDK... One example is clinfo which has a precompiled .exe for Windows* OS.
  • VS 2015 is supported... I'd recommend sticking with that.


    Questions for feedback:

    • What CPU model does the development system have?
    • Can you please provide the details listed at the forum post here?


    Thanks for the interest,


    Thanks for the fast response.

    Below I provide the System Information:
    Operating System:   Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit build  1809 
    Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 630  
               Installed Drivers    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_520ffd05714dab67\igdumdim64.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_520ffd05714dab67\igd10iumd64.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_520ffd05714dab67\igd10iumd64.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_520ffd05714dab67\igd12umd64.dll
               Driver Version
               Driver    c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\iigd_dch.inf_amd64_520ffd05714dab67\igdkmd64.sys (, 16.15 MB (16,936,496 bytes), 3/26/2019 8:43 AM)

    I use "Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer" to install the appropriate graphics driver.
    CLInfo (AMD verstion) detects Intel CPU and IGPU.
    Also my OpenCL application works well with these devices.
    Attached CLInfo information.

    I installed Intel System Studio 2019 Update 3.
    And recently I updated to Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4. 

    Can I use the same serial number to install system studio 2019 on another computer?
    How to ensure Graphics device is enabled?
    Do you advice to uninstall Intel system studio 2019 and reinstall Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4?

    Please advice.



    Hi MichaM,

    I recommend this faq on licensing and multiple system deployment. There is also sections 2, 3, and 4 of the EULA... it speaks to differing license and deployment types. If you have further questions or are looking for feedback on licensing I recommend posting to the Intel® System Studio forum.

    Graphics device enablement can be observed in the display adapter section of device manager in windows and at the system bios screen. The system bios screen will be different for different system vendors.

    Was clinfo information attached to this thread? I don't see any attachments. Can you share again?

    If you are using Intel first party graphics drivers, not the latest package for Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU is per the

    Unfortunately, it's still not obvious where the discrepancy is for the system. OpenCL programs functioning is suggestive that the issue is likely with the developer tools as installed, as opposed to the driver. For a quicker path to a solution I recommend reinstalling Update 4 of OpenCL™ Tools and the Graphics driver package. As mentioned earlier, Update 3 is incompatible with DCH drivers... The driver resident per your report is a DCH driver. It may be a good idea to double check that Update 4 was installed as intended by installing it from scratch.

    I moved to Update 4 on Intel® Core™ i7-6770HQ with the driver and VS2017 without difficulty very recently. I also used the software updater to update.

    Is vs2015 at the latest revision? What version is it? If you still get the same result, I'll deploy vs2015 to see if I can reproduce on the above system.




    Hi Michael,
    First, thank you for the fast response.

    My Graphics device is enable in Windows device manager.
    You recommend "reinstalling Update 4 of OpenCL™ Tools and the Graphics driver package". 
    Do you mean first uninstall Intel System Studio and then reinstall Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4? 
    the complete software or just OpenCL tools?

    Attached clinfo output.



    Downloadtext/plain clinfo19_06_10.txt25.27 KB

    Hi MichaM,


    Generally, a clean install of the suite and graphics driver can be good to allow the installer the opportunity to seat necessary system registry elements.

    I recommend graphics driver first then as clean of an install as feasible for Intel® System Studio 2019 Update 4 components.

    I moved to Update 4 on Intel® Core™ i7-6770HQ with the driver and VS2017 without difficulty very recently. I also used the software updater to update.

    Clarity edit for the above... I used Intel® Software Manager Utility to update the developer tools. 

    Can you comment on when you did the "Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer" update? It's surprising to see a March driver used when newer ones are available... I'm speaking with some folks who manage that system now. If you try today, does it deploy the latest driver thats available manually through for that system?

    Again, if you can try it with the latest components for that system I want to see if I can reproduce with VS2015 and take it from there. It's useful for us to be attentive to this feedback given the recent public release of the 2019 Update 4 tools.




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