Deep learning on NI FPGA

Deep learning on NI FPGA

I am new to Intel development environments.
In my project, I aim to download a deep learning inference solution to a Kintex-7 FPGA on NI CompactRIO-9040
I wanted to know whether it is possible to do this within the OpenCL framework, possibly using some Intel SDK or other software.
I can also switch to a Zynq-7000 SoC which is present on some NI devices.
Is it possible?

Thank you,

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Kintex-7 FPGA is Xilinx board.

I think, you should use Xilinx OpenCL software like SDAccel

Hi GRN, thank you for your response.
Apparently SDAccel doesn't support kintex-7, only newer accelerator devices.
I saw that I can design a custom platform with Intel FPGA SDK Pro edition.
My question is whether it would work, given the FPGA is embedded on a SoC, inside the compactRIO controller, which is accessible from a PC with a USB cable (not PCIe). I could also try to install Intel FPGA SDK and RTE on the compactRIO controller, which in turn communicates to the FPGA in a more direct manner

Thanks in advance

My question is: Is it possible to design a custom platform for the NI FPGA using Intel FPGA SDK Custom platform toolkit, and run it on the SoC processor? Does it need to have PCIe communication to the FPGA?

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