To clarify, it would seem that, unlike in the original Game of Life, where all cells act in the same turn, there are two turns within each turn of the Maze of Life. The BLUE cell (player) makes its move, then 'acts' (die, live) all in one half of each round. After the BLUE cell is accounted for, then the rest of the cells 'act'.This is a divergence from the original Game of Life that may not be immediately obvious.

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I am not sure this is correct.

I found that have to do the following per round:

* Add the intellegent cell to the empty grid cell.
* Process the whole grid.
* Check that the intellegent cell is still alive.
* Remove the intellegent cell.

Or have I missunder stood what you said?

Ah yes, I'm sorry. There is just the two parts to each turn: BLUE cell moves (move, stay) and then all cells are processed at the same time.Technically, from the example on the ClickMazes site, the status of the BLUE cell is calculated before processing the entire grid to determine its death or victory, and if neither case is true then the grid is processed, but this is a minor formality.

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