Coordinate Order

Coordinate Order


In the problem definition it says:

The first line will be two integers denoting the dimensions of the grid,
number of rows and number of columns. For consistency and shared point
of reference

I have read this as the first line size values are [sizeY] [sizeX] and not [sizeX] [sizeY]. Is this correct?

Also are all the other numbers Y,X as well? As the size in the example is square there is no way to tel,.


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I think you're right. The master level problem uses (row/column)-order as was said in their forum. Other than that, the example for the apprentice level problem is the first problem of shows that the apprentice level problem uses (row/column)-order, too.

I concur that the coordinate order is (row column) - also known as (y x).

Two things unambiguosly stated are that (1 1) is the upper left corner and direction '1' moves to the upper left. Given those facts, the solution to the sample problem 3845524 moves four cells to the right. If the coordinates had been in (x y) order then the solution would have to move in a downward direction.

Like malumalu said, the first problem at clickmazes helps to visualize the example.

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