The suspense is killing me!

The suspense is killing me!

I keep checking in here to see if there's any announcement on judging Consecutive Primes. It took six weeks to finish judging the first round (Maze of Life). It has now been seven weeks since this problem closed and no word yet on when the winners will be announced. I sure hope they can score the third round (Running Numbers) before the Grand Prize becomes moot.

One challenge for the judges in scoring Consecutive Primes is going to be deciding where to draw the line on pre-computed primes and powers. Rama suggested a limit of 20 but the contestants had widely differing interpretations on this point. This should be interesting!

- Rick

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Go to the forum index of problem 2 and hit the 'subscribe' checkbox, it'll email you everytime someone posts, takes the comming back to check every couple of days out of the equation.

I kinda missed that pre-computation post, given i precomputed the enitre range and there was no mention of it in the problem descripton, I'm obviously completly against that rule being enforced.

Then again like last problem if intel decides to do things differently its their contest and do whatever they want. Just saying i'll be throwing a temper tantum stoping my feet going NOT FAIR!!! I DID NOT KNOW! if they enforce it and everybody else is going to stomp their feet saying HE HAS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!! if they don't.

soo yeah great communicating there intel, when you change rules, change the original problem description and email everyone about it, a forum post just doesn't cut it. lets put this on the 'things we learned' list :)

I remember the posts about the precomputed primes, I decided to use a 180 precomputed primes table. I decided the size of the table in a very arbitrary way, but I think that if for fair play Intel wants to put a limit , the valid range of this table should be big. In fact, I would not mind being beaten by a solution with a table five times bigger than mine. I don't know where is the point where the precomputed table size becomes an advantage...

I also do not mind precomputation, as long as the solutions are scored on their ability to thread.

We'll be announcing the Problem 2 winners later this week. I just posted a notice on this. Thanks for being patient.

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