g++ and OpenMP vs icc and TBB

g++ and OpenMP vs icc and TBB

I tried to compare performances of the compilers and threading libraries.

My conclusion are:

icc produce better binaries than g++ (up to x2.5 time faster).
It is easier to code whith OpenMP but TBB has a lower overhead (up to x2).

So use intel tools when possible ...

I'd like to have your opinion.

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This is a good topic. Sorry I don't have a strong opinion but nobody else seems to be replying.

I've been using g++ because I encountered some difficulty getting icc configured on the MTL during the first problem period. Now that you mention it, I will definitely try both and compare the results on remaining problems.

From what I've read (disclaimer: writer may have been biased) icc outperforms g++ on floating-point intensive programs. If your perfect power solver had math operations (log, exp, pow) in the main loop, that might explain the 2.5x speedup you observed.

- Rick

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