Phase 2 of the Threading Challenge 2011 - Cancelled

Phase 2 of the Threading Challenge 2011 - Cancelled

We know that many of you have been waiting for details of Phase 2 of the Threading Challenge 2011 to be announced. With our apologies, we must announce that Phase 2 of the Threading Challenge 2011 has been cancelled due to contest resources being re-assigned to new software development projects. So, there is not an adequate number of contest team members to manage and judge Phase 2 of the competition in a timely manner.We are sorry to disappoint those that were looking forward to the next phase of the competition, but we encourage you tolook for future competition news in 2012.

Thank you for all your interest and participation in the Threading Challenge 2011.

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Darth Vader said it best : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

Oh, man. Without Phase 2 of the Threading Challenge I will have no choice but to spend time on my actual job. :-O

I'd like to thank Jeff Kataoka and everyone at Intel for hosting me and my wife in San Francisco last month. The Palace Hotel was an elegant and comfortable place to stay. The highlight was definitely the honors dinner, where Intel's James Reinders gave a technical presentation better than anything I heard at the convention center all week. His central point was that parallelism should be a First Class Citizen in C and C++.

If you want to see Jeff and me react to the pressures of being on camera watch this interview. It was filmed at The Palace after the honors dinner.

- Rick LaMont

Rick: It was a pleasure to host you and your wife as one of the Threading Challenge winners at IDF in San Francisco. Glad that you enjoyed your time in San Francisco and participating in James' presentation.

We did not do too bad for an imprompt to video recording.

Jeff Kataoka

or Homer Simpson: D'oh! :)

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