Winners Announced for Apprentice Problem 3, P1:A3 Running Numbers

Winners Announced for Apprentice Problem 3, P1:A3 Running Numbers

Apprentice Level Problem 3 - P1:A3 Running NumbersKey Scoring Principles

Basic scoring principles used for the contest entries judging are described at the official rules page. Here is a short summary: each contest entry was scored according to the following criteria: 1) up to 100 points for solutions performance (speed); 2) a maximum of 25 bonus points for a contestants activity in the forum, calculated as 5 bonus points for each valid forum post/reply.

Input Data Sets Used for Performance Scoring

Nine different input data sets were used to compute the execution score for this problem. Each data set defined as three numbers: the source buffer to which data is added, the BYTE Addition value which is the value to add to the first argument and the DWORD Addition value which is the value to add to the Source buffer every 37th cycle. Input data sets can be downloaded here.

Points in Performance Scoring

Each input data set was judged individually. The weights of data sets used in performance scoring were equivalent. The overall performance score was calculated as a sum of all nine input data sets individual performance.

We allowed a total of 120 seconds (2 minutes) execution maximum for each input set; for those runs that took longer than 120 seconds or had runtime errors during execution, zero performance points were awarded. Some entries that could not be built on the MTL and those entries that were not able to correctly solve input data set got zero points as well.

Successful contest entries that computed the number of cycles required to reach all zero values simultaneously or detect the repetition of the original input values in less than 2 minutes were ranked based on their execution time and got performance points according a reciprocal rank scale.

Execution Results and Point Spread

Weve received 14 contest entries in the Apprentice Level Running Numbers problem set.

Nine entries successfully solved all nine input data sets. 4 entries solved one or more data sets. Unfortunately, one entry was incomplete and therefore unable to solve any test data sets.

All the timings, performance and correctness points are available in the final Running Numbers score table (link below).

Forum Activity and Bonus Points

Additional bonus points were given for contestants forum posts made before the problem entries were closed. Five points per post (maximum 25 points possible) were awarded.

Entry points and penalties.

Each contest entry got 100 entry points.


The problem winners based on highest point total are:

1. dotcsw

2. vdave

3. kolkir

These three contestants provided the solutions which correctly solved all the input data sets. They also had the fastest overall code execution and significant bonus points for activity in the contest forum.

Scoring Table

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