problem understanding

problem understanding

As given in Demo Scenario
MyApp.exe 1BFC91544B9CBF9E5B93FFCAB7273070 38040301052B0163A103400502060501 05ED2F440000B17B0000000100000036
expected result is
4774 cycles

My understanding of problem

4774 means
DWord addition will be = 4774 / 37 = 129 times
ByteAddition = 4774 - 129 = 4645 times

Since 0x70 is least significant byte in DWord so after 4774 cycles it should be = (0x70 + 4645 * 0x01 + 129 * 0x36)%256 = 203

Please let me know the what I misunderstood from problem statement?

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You are right, but as discribe in the other threads: cycle 0 is + DWord
so you have 130 addition of DWord and 4644 ByteAdd

So (203 + 0x36 - 0x01) % 256= 0

I also got frustrated as my solution was not working for any test case and spent number of hours in checking my implementation & reading problem statement over and again.
That is why I did not read thread "More Example" thoroughly.
And one more point is that, there was no official confirmation of cycle zero.

Here I would request Intel to update the problem statement.

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Thanks for providing link.
As mentioned above, Since none test case was working for me and I kept on scratching my head, reading problem statement and verifying my solution over and again rather than reading that thread thoroughly.

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