Update to Score Card for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle

Update to Score Card for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle

Based on a recent inquiry on the Masyu Puzzle forum, the Threading Challenge judges examined the data sets used to test the entries for Masyu Puzzle, Master Problem 1 and all of the submitted Master level entries.

The judges have carefully reviewed the data sets used to test the Masyu Puzzle problem and found that the data sets had been incorrectly formatted. Reviewing all of the entries, the judges found that this incorrect formatting had no affect on the test results for the contest entries that used streamed functions to proceed and parse input data. The judges did find that this formatting problem did affect one entry that used standard input, the entry from denghui0815. When the format was updated, denghui0815s entry demonstrated different (better) results for the updated datasets. denghui0815s entry code would have solved more of the data sets and provided his entry with a higher score of 224.17 points. We also tested all of the other entries on the updated datasets to ensure that the formatting problem did not affect anything else and the judge found that there was no affect on any other entries.

We have already announced and published the Winners for Master Problem 1 and the contest rules state that the judges decisions are final, so the announced Master Problem 1 winners will not change. If denghui0815s score had been 224.17, he would have been the second place winner. While we cannot change the winners, theThreading Challenge Teamwould like to fairly recognize his coding efforts.

The Threading Challenge Team will change denghui0815s score for Master Problem 1, Masyu Puzzle, from 190.83 to the updated 224.17. This updated score can be used toward his points to compete for the Grand Prize. All other Master level participants scores for problem 1 will remain the same. The Master Problem 1 score card will be updated with denghui0815s revised score. Updated Master Problem Score Card

In addition, since the announced winners are final, theThreading Challenge Teamcannot make denghui0815 the second place winner, the Threading Challenge Team will provide him with a similar special award of a US$350 VISA Gift Card.

The Threading Challenge Team has apologized and communicated with denhui0815 regarding this issue and its resolution. The Team appreciates his understanding.

This forum post is to announce this Master Problem 1 Score Card Update.

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Thank Threading Challenge judges. Re-test my entries. I am very satisfied with this result

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