A language survey

A language survey

Which languages are people using for this challenge?I am using Java.

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I'm also using Java, although I may use C++ also for some problems this year if I get up to speed with the tools.
The judges comments for previous challenges list the number of entrants, the languages used, as well as the points spread and some other details. From memory, the majorty has been C++, with some C#, one Cilk, and one or two Java.Depending upon the problem, language choice can be about raw performance or about ease of development. For these NP-complete problems, raw performance is not as important as finding a good search algorithm.Java can be a fine implementation language choice, but I've sometimes missed lower level control over execution and architecture-specifics, such as being able to take direct advantage of NUMA.

C++, probably. Haven't started yet...

I just know that this year's contest began. I am very happy to challenge with you again :-)
I will use C++ probably.

I am a first-time entrant in the contest. I will use C++ since that's what I know, and TBB for task pooling.

We use C++


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