Threading Challenge 2011 Phase 1 Grand Prize Winners Announced!

Threading Challenge 2011 Phase 1 Grand Prize Winners Announced!

Threading Challenge 2011 the Grand Prize Winners

The Threading Challenge 2011 Team would like to thank all of the Master and Apprentice participants in the Threading Challenge 2011. All of your time, programming efforts and forum conversation for the Master and Apprentice problems in Phase 1 made this years competition a big success.

We had a total of 20 individual Master level participants over the three problems in Phase 1. Six participants provided entries over all three problems. There were 49 individual Apprentice level participants over the three problems in Phase 1. Nine participants submitted entries over the three problems in Phase 1.

Now that we have judged all three problems in Phase 1, we can total the scores for the Master and Apprentice entries to determine who had the highest total score for the Master level and Apprentice level.

Grand Prize Total Score Table

Maximal points per entry depend on multiple factors specific to particular problem sets. To ensure that points awarded in each problem set contribute to Grand Total points equally we normalized the points in Grand Totals table to a value of 100 points for the winner of each contest. It also eases reading and comparison participants results. See the Master Level Grand Prize Total Score Card and the Apprentice Level Grand Prize Total Score Card for the tally of points and supporting material.

The Grand Prize Winners : Trip to Intel Developer Forum San Francisco

Congratulations to the following Threading Challenge 2011 Grand Prize Winners!

Master Level Grand Prize Winner: akki - 288.53 Points

Apprentice Level Grand Prize Winner: dotcsw - 284.2822 Points

Each of the Grand Prize Winners will be awarded a Trip to the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco from September 13 15, 2011. The winners will be contacted and arrangements will be made for them to attend IDF. See Contest Prize Webpage for Grand Prize Award details and all the individual problem winners.

Thank you to the Grand Prize Winners, all the Individual Master and Apprentice Level Problem Winners and all the competition participants. Intel appreciates your enthusiasm and programming efforts that made this a great Threading Challenge!

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Congratulations akki!

Congratulations akki!


Congratulations akki! You totally killed me on the "chain" problem.--john

Nice job, akki!--john

Quoting john_e_lilley
Nice job, akki!--john

Thanks John! Frankly, I expected you to take this one and the competition with it. It ended up being really close!I guess the rank-based scoring scheme worked in my favor here. You were, however, the only person whose solutions cleared all test cases thrown at them. That's quite a feat!

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