I have the latest version of Java installed but Power Checker quits silently.

I have the latest version of Java installed but Power Checker quits silently.

Hello all,

My ISV tells me that he is able to start the Power Checker baseline test, but after 2 seconds after pressing start, with about 1/10th of the green status bar showing, the Power Checker quits silently.

The following log file that is generated seems to indicate that it is failing to run the Java runtime:

23-May-2012 09:46:38:Initialize and detect power source successfully

23-May-2012 09:46:40:User clicked Start button!

23-May-2012 09:46:55:Entering Method = DataCollectionThread.run()

23-May-2012 09:46:55:LogFileName = C:\\Users\\richard_g\\Documents\\Intel\\Intel Power Checker\\logs\\iPChecker-log-05232012-094634.log

23-May-2012 09:46:55:RawDataFileName = C:\\Users\\richard_g\\Documents\\Intel\\Intel Power Checker\\logs\\1-iPChecker-raw-data-05232012-094634.dat

23-May-2012 09:46:55:TestType = 1

23-May-2012 09:46:55:ProcessId = 0

23-May-2012 09:46:55:lTestDurationMsecs = 30000

23-May-2012 09:46:55:m_lSamplingIntervalMsecs = 1000

23-May-2012 09:46:55:Invoking JNI Start() function!

He isable to run java.exe from the command line using the same path that the power checker uses, so its not failing to find java.exe.

He hastried the latest Java v7 Runtime 32 & 64 bit, and also tried installing the old Java v6 runtime 32 & 64 bit.

All behave identically.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Hi Peter,

Please have the customer send me the information about:
1) The system
2) The processor
3) The name of the application they are running
3) Step-by-step procedure what they did before they encountered this problem.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for sending mehe customer system information and the screenshot of running processes. Since the customer uses the 64-bit version of Windows and 64-bit version of the Intel Power Checker, they will need to install the 64-bit version of Java. If the customer already installed the 32-bit version of Java, please have them remove it and install the 64-bit verson of Java.

If they still have problem running the Intel Power Checker, please let me kow.


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