I have a problem with PowerInformer:
1st It does not work on windows 7, because it use old winapi function.
2nd It is not working on windows XP on a laptops and desctops with different configurations.
Laptop : i5- 2410
Desctop : DualCore 5300
It was Russian Windows XP Home Basic;
When I open the application, it gives me a Error: "System finished initialised!!! Please click Exit and rerun the program"
Can you tell me working configurations, and, if it is possible, the instruments which this programm use. (WinApi func or some drivers)? And when new version of the proggram will be able to download?

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Hi Sergey,

PowerInformer was designed to work on the English version of Windows XP ONLY.
There will be no new version of PowerInformer.



You could look at MSDN's topics "Power Management API" or "Power Management".

Here is a list of different Win32 functions for Desktop platforms:

CallNtPowerInformation - Sets or retrieves power information.
CanUserWritePwrScheme - Determines whether the current user has sufficient privilege to write a power scheme
DeletePwrScheme - Deletes the specified power scheme.
EnumPwrSchemes - Enumerates all power schemes.
GetActivePwrScheme - Retrieves the index of the active power scheme.
GetCurrentPowerPolicies - Retrieves the current system power policy settings.
GetDevicePowerState - Retrieves the current power state of the specified device.
GetPwrCapabilities - Retrieves information about the system power capabilities.
GetPwrDiskSpindownRange - Retrieves the disk spindown range.
GetSystemPowerStatus - Retrieves the power status of the system.
IsPwrHibernateAllowed - Determines whether the computer supports hibernation.
IsPwrShutdownAllowed - Determines whether the computer supports the soft off power state.
IsPwrSuspendAllowed - Determines whether the computer supports the sleep states.
IsSystemResumeAutomatic - Indicates the current state of the computer.
ReadGlobalPwrPolicy - Retrieves the current global power policy settings.
ReadProcessorPwrScheme - Retrieves the processor power policy settings for the specified power scheme.
ReadPwrScheme - Retrieves the power policy settings that are unique to the specified power scheme.
RequestWakeupLatency - Specifies roughly how quickly the computer should enter the working state.
SetActivePwrScheme - Sets the active power scheme.
SetSuspendState - Sets the system suspend state.
SetSystemPowerState - Suspends the system by shutting power down.
SetThreadExecutionState - Enables applications to inform the system that it is in use.
WriteGlobalPwrPolicy - Writes global power policy settings.
WriteProcessorPwrScheme - Writes processor power policy settings for the specified power scheme.
WritePwrScheme - Writes policy settings that are unique to the power scheme.

Also, you could look at aPlatform SDK for Windows Desktop platforms, or at different SDKs for Mobile Devices.

Best regards,

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