Core 2 Duo: Move to/from C4 state

Core 2 Duo: Move to/from C4 state


Not sure this is the right forum so please bare with me.

I want to put Core2Duo into C4 state under vxWorks 6.8

So I ran the following code:

mov EAX, 0x30 (Bits 0-3 define C4 sub state. What sub state shoud I use ?)
mov ECX, 0x0 (Should I use 0x1 ?)

But it seems nothing happens.
This is probably because the system clock is running every 1ms and the CPU is put back to C0.
I did not get any exception upon running the code.

When I ran cpuid with EAX=5 I got:

ECX=3 :
Bit 00: Enumeration of Monitor-Mwait extensions (beyond EAX and EBX registers) supported
Bit 01: Supports treating interrupts as break-event for MWAIT, even when interrupts disabled

Bits 03 - 00: Number of C0 sub C-states supported using MWAIT
Bits 07 - 04: Number of C1 sub C-states supported using MWAIT
Bits 11 - 08: Number of C2 sub C-states supported using MWAIT
Bits 15 - 12: Number of C3 sub C-states supported using MWAIT
Bits 19 - 16: Number of C4 sub C-states supported using MWAIT

1. How can I configure the CPU to go back to C0 upon an APIC timer interrupt and not any other interrupt ?

2. Where can I find documentation on C4 sub states ?

3. How can I move the CPU into DC4 (Deep C4) ?

4. How can I know if my CPU supports DC4 ?

5. Can I use an ICE to see what is the current state and sub state of the CPU ? How ?


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Well, the first thing you may want to consider is to stop writing in ASM and start in C/C++. It's much, much easier. You can still use assembly in your'll just be much more productive if you reserve it for certain algorithms. If that is already the case, perhaps a little more code would help others help you more than I could. Just my two cents. Best wishes.


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