ACPI and Dynamic CPU Frequency

ACPI and Dynamic CPU Frequency


I have a basic question:

I'm using Linux (Ubuntu) and CPU I7.

The current CPU frequency is 1200hz, the maximum CPU frequency is 2100hz.

My Q is as follows:

Does Linux (or the INTEL CPU's)  increase the CPU frequency when the system is loaded ?

(i.e when the total CPU's are 70% loaded (for example) , Does the OS (without the user interference) may increase the CPU freq from 1200 to the max freq 2100, in order to decrease the load on the CPU's ?) (and without the user interference) ?


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Hi Amit,

this can't be answered that general (e.g. w/o knowing your BIOS settings and the specific Ubuntu version you are using). But from the fact that your CPU isn't running 100% it's obvious you do have some ACPI enabled. For an overview on that topic you may start with ch. 14 vol 3B:


On the specific power management on your Ubuntu version you probably can search the web or check kernel sources.

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