Intel's 3517UE @ 1.7GHz works x3 faster compared to another PC

Intel's 3517UE @ 1.7GHz works x3 faster compared to another PC


I'm using 2 PCs that has Intel's 3517UE @ 1.7GHz:

1. ADLINK's IBE2 (Com Express Type 2)

2. Intense PC (

The 2 PCs are booted with Win7-64

On the the 2 PCs we run the same exe file which comutes FFT radix 4 of 512 vectors each with 256 complex samples.

The Intense PC ends the computation 3 times faster then the IBE2.

How can we detect the difference between those 2 machines ?




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Without more details about each system for a side by side comparison, it is impossible to make any kind of statement about why one is "slower" than the other.

From the links, it is not clear if both your systems are actual i7s or i5s or i3s.  How much memory does each system have?  What is the cache structure/size for each system?  What kind of disks does each system have (is the exe you are running compute intensive?  I/O intensive?  Memory intensive?) 

If I google your processor information I get the following links (I have no idea if this is what you actually have)  - If these systems are what you are testing your exe against, the faster one has 4M L3 Cache and the slower system  has 3M L3 Cache - that difference could explain the difference in performance.  (Performance is not all about processor speed anymore.)

This first link would be for your "faster" system:

This is what I get when I searched for your slower system:




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