Cascade Classifier to pattern recognition

Cascade Classifier to pattern recognition


The RealSenseSDK allows processing images using Cascade Classifier? 

Today I use OpenCV to process images in standard search. 

Need to look for an object in a collection of images;


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RealSense SDK (RSSDK) offer state of the art algorithms for object recognition/tracking. You may test it's capability using the "Object Tracker" sample app which comes with the RSSDK installation. Once you follow the sample code and understand how the app is coded using our API, I am sure you can use the SDK to do what you want.

If you are already familiar with the Haar cascade classifier of openCV, I am sure you will find it very easy using RSSDK 


Can I use the "Object Tracker" RSSDK only with images obetidas the 3D cameras? Can I use photos taken of normal smartphone?

Another doubt. 

The SDK is only for windows desktop.
When is expected to launch the Android support?

You can use the Object tracker sample app with both actually. Please refer to that apps docs, as they do a good job in describing what it does...

The current RSSDK release is for Windows only....there are no specific timelines for other OSs as of yet... 

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