Windows Store Apps Support

Windows Store Apps Support

Hi guys,

Do you have the intention to support Windows Store Apps (C#)? 


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You can submit your apps to the windows store but cannot host them there. Since only metro apps can be hosted in the windows store. So you can share realsense apps in the windows store link off to another store or website. 


Hi David,

My question is more related to the ability to access the camera and its features in a metro application.

Do you have something in your roadmap for that or it will be restricted to desktop apps only?

Currently we did not support metro application. But we do have plan to support this feature in the near future.

Do you think this will be in time for the contest if we get selected?  Our App is Metro Windows RT based.  David

Any update on this?

I am looking for a way to do skeletal tracking with RealSense in a Windows Store (UWP) app. Ideally there would be an API that would support both RealSense and Kinect.


Not that I know of :(

Any progress on RealSense SDK support for Windows Store Apps (Metro Apps)?.  I would really like to have the ability to add RealSense to Windows Store apps.

Bumping this because on 10/27/2014 David Lu said "Currently we did not support metro application. But we do have plan to support this feature in the near future." and I am typing this from the "near future". :)

i think one issue is, at this point, RT devices are ARM based and i read on the git page for librealsense that the project will not support ARM architectures. this is just what i have pieced together. it would be good to get an official update though. the android project will need to support ARM i think but that does not help WinRT devices. 

@Douglas - I can't speak for others but my interest is for Windows Store apps on Windows desktop PCs, so that would be i86 architecture, not ARM


I was expressing an opinion on what may be an issue in the lack of progress in the overall development of realsense inclusive of all platforms. It is my opinion that negative issues experienced directly in one platform retard development indirectly in many, if not all, other platforms. having a cohesive multi-platform product is a goal of intel. it is a probability that a platform other than yours influences the development of your platform. in other words, something bad happening in a platform other than yours may affect your platform. the representatives of intel generally express the best case scenario  based on what they known at the time. i get the feeling that  the product was pushed out to the public too soon. microsoft has issues getting windows to run realsense  and intel has issues getting realsense to work in windows. recently both microsoft and intel have worked to fix what the other had broken.

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