Is the RealSense "snapshot" camera the same as the 3D Camera? Also, HP Sprout?

Is the RealSense "snapshot" camera the same as the 3D Camera? Also, HP Sprout?

I've seen some laptop reviews saying that there is something called the "RealSense Snapshot" camera, like on the Dell Venue 8 7000.  The reviewer said that the RealSense Snapshot is not the same thing as the RealSense 3D camera and can't be used the same.  Is this true?  If so, how can I be sure that a laptop I want to buy will absolute work with the RealSense SDK?  

Note the Dell Venue 8 7000 is an Android tablet so I know it won't work, but I just want to flesh out the "RealSense Snapshot" camera issue.

For example, would the HP Sprout work with the RealSense SDK?:

It's a Windows 8.1 device and the specs say it has the Intel RealSense 3D camera.  Here's a video:

Note to Intel, it would be great to get a list of specific laptops that integrate the RealSense 3D camera.  Something with themanufacturer names and exact product titles that are known to work with the RealSense SDK.


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RealSense "snapshot" camera is R100 and the currently RealSense 3D camera we are talking about is F200. The HP Sprout is using F200. You can find detail info@

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Please see Develop for 3 Amazing Cameras

There are 3 announced Intel RealSense Cameras. The F200, R200, and Snapshot.

The F200 and R200 are front and rear facing cameras that do 3D, color, and motion. The Gold R1 RealSense SDK 2014 already released supports only the F200. Future versions of the RSSDK will probably support both F200 and R200 motion cameras although they will have different functionalities and mechanisms. Both require Windows 8.1 or later at this time.

The first release of the Snapshot camera (still shots only) is as you note in the Dell Venue 8 Android tablet. At initial release, it is presumed the SDK for Android will be separate.

The HP Sprout uses an Intel RealSense camera but I believe they have their own SDK. 

Thank you David and Colleen!



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