Trying to use camera to act as mouse (navigator) for computer

Trying to use camera to act as mouse (navigator) for computer


So I am pretty new to this and I read an article about something named navigator which would essentially act as the mouse on a computer. I am trying to use this but can not seem to find it anywhere. Any ideas on how I could do this? 

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I used download it from , but it seem gone maybe for update, you can try other apps on


The closest thing currently published is the Touchless Controller section of the RealSense SDK..

As others are posted, will try to update this forum.

Hi Collen,

Thanks for the information


maybe weird to post relive this thread. However, I'm trying the same thing, with touchless movement

Navigator is impossible to find

Any advice, except a link to the sdk manual? ;)

what programming language do you want?

Hi Christopher!

For touchless computer control you can use the USigner app available from

It allows controlling the mouse cursor by hand movement, and simulate a left click, middle click and a right click by hand gestures.

To run the app you can use any front-facing RealSense camera (F200, SR300 or the Razer Stargazer).

I am the developer. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here or via email.

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