Newbie has question on Buying the intel camera for Faceshift

Newbie has question on Buying the intel camera for Faceshift


I am new to this and have learned a lot in the last few weeks but am having an issue deciding if the Intel camera can work for me.


i will have access to Faceshift for a year

I have a pretty nice PC that i use with Adobe Premiere Cloud for video editing. It is Windows 7 professional

i think it is only a 3rd generation i7 processor 24 gb ram and ssd drives

Will this camera work for me?

Thanks for any help!!!



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camera requires windows 8.1 or later.

 Hi Mark,

USB 3.0 is a must to get camera works, and it has to be plugged directly not using hub.




i have USB 3 into the mother board


i guess the 8.1 knocks me out of this camera...any other camera suggestions?

Hi Mark,

Having a third generation processor is your biggest problem.  Whilst some of the simpler functions will work on a gen 3 machine, all the cool stuff like face and hand tracking needs a gen 4 chip.  And if Unity is being used to develop an app, gen 4 is a must.

Having Windows 7 is not necessarily a barrier, as you will be able to upgrade Win 7 to Windows 10 for free in a couple of months when it launches.  A preview version of Win 10 is already available that works brilliantly with RealSense (I use it on my machine).

Regarding the advice above about USB hubs not working: although this is the official advice from Intel, they actually do work with the camera and numerous people have solved problems with using the camera with their computer's in-built USB port by using a hub.  The vital thing is that it is a *powered* hub - one that gets its power externally from the mains supply rather than from the computer.


Hi Mark

Agree with Marty for answer, and for the hub maybe my usb hub has poor quality :D 

And main reason i'm using realsense camera because at future enduser of my application doesn't need to buy a separate camera, many OEM release device with realsense built in



Thanks for all your great answers!

i do have USB 3.0 direct out of mother board

windows 7 i can up grade to 10 in june


only 3rd gen i7  3.3 -  6 core intel

So i am not sure what to do at this point


Thanks Again!



I believe that the Blob Tracking function will work on a Gen 3 chip but it is very crude compared to face and hand tracking as it can only recognize the general shape of a hand, not specific joints or gestures.

See page 6 of this PDF for details.

More info on the general principles of blob detection:

Going back to your original question about Faceshift though, that is the big unknown in this.  RealSense definitely will not let you use jointed face tracking with its own in-built tracking routines.  If though it is the Faceshift software doing the tracking instead of Intel's tracking routines then it may be a different matter.  Ultimately, getting a RealSense camera just for use with Faceshift on a gen 3 machine would be a big gamble.  If your subscription is for a year then it may be safer for you to wait and see what experiences other Faceshift users have on older machines with their RealSense camera.

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