R200 was available for pre-order this morning. Now not?

R200 was available for pre-order this morning. Now not?


Earlier today I followed the links in the intel e-mail (announcing the R3 sdk) to this page:


In turn, that page provided a link to order the new R200 dev kit:


This morning, that link worked.  Now, it gives a 404 error.

Please clarify:

Should we be able to pre-order the R200 dev kit at this point?  Is there a problem with the link/store/pre-order system?  Or, was it a mistake and is the kit not actually available to developers just yet?

I have an F200 kit and am happily developing for it.  But really the R200 is the one that my use-case is for.  I've been waiting for its release to developers.

Thanks for clarifying, if possible.


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Hi Bradley,

I follow the link and now got website under maintenance message, it says from Saturday 23.00 PST until Sunday 03.00 PST, 

Hope they will offer R200 Dev kit again, because I check last week and they had open R200 pre order $for 99 USD


It will be back, hopefully soon.

Thanks for the update Colleen.

I've ordered an R200 a few weeks ago when it was announced to be released during Q2-2015.

Do you have an estimation of when my device should ship ?

Thank you.

The site now properly lists the R200, though sales are currently "suspended."  It states that they will hopefully resume soon.  This answers my original question.  Thank you.  The 404 error was a tad confusing :)


I order r200 over one month ago, and status is "Pre Order Hold", what that's mean ??


On the R200,  they are NOT shipping quite yet and Intel wants to get the already ordered cameras out before confusing people with availability to order and get from stock.  Probably when it starts accepting orders again will be when the shipping of the pre-orders has started. Pre-orders will be getting their cameras before new orders I'm sure.  So please be patient.

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