RealSense with SBC

RealSense with SBC


 I'd like to make a small battery-powered portable system using R200.

 Could anyone help me with those questions below?

 At first, I was thinking about Graperain which has a lot of reference for developers (which is great thing compared to other boards).

 But I've come into two doubts. 

    - They say Graperain single board computer linux is now supported by linux IoT Core. but then is it OK with RealSense SDK? 

    - Graperain has no USB 3.0 so I was planning to have other powered USB 3.0 port to connect RealSense to RPi.

 I'm wondering if with those two options I can use RPi3 with RealSense.

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Hi Alex,

The full RealSense SDK is Windows only, but you could try the open-source alternative Librealsense:

I'm not sure if a 3.0 external USB would work, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Boards that work with librealsense are the following:

  • Intel Compute Stick, BOXSTK1AW32SCR
  • MinnowBoard Max
  • Kangaroo MD2B
  • UP Board
  • Intel Joule


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