Need a help for a project

Need a help for a project

Hey all,

​I bought Intel Realsense VF0800 camera.. I would like to do a project with the the camera.. Can anyone help me with that? I m doing my final year college. Thanks.if possible can anyone help with a small project u did?

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I have published a large series of detailed step by step guides that may be helpful to you in your project.

Thanks a lot Marty G.

i found that really useful. and my kind request, do u have any project for engineering students with intel realsense so that i can show my friends and faculty. 

I don't have a downloadable demo right now (I hope to release one on the forum soon).  I do have some tech trailer videos on my YouTube channel though.  They are a bit out of date (the avatar tech I've built has advanced hugely since then) but they will act as a useful demonstration to friends and faculty.

In the latest build of the project, the avatar arms can also be controlled with simple Blob detection of the hands, with 95% of the capability of the Intel RealSense camera's bone joint detection.  This should mean that ordinary webcams should be able to camera-control the avatar arms, acting as an excellent promotion for RealSense with a huge number of users (since they should not need to purchase a RealSense camera to be able to use the RealSense controls).

When the Intel RealSense camera mode is enabled, the project uses the joint detection in the RealSense camera hardware instead of blob detection, and the avatar can not only move the arms with even greater precision but also use both arms independently at the same time.  They are so reliable and accurate that the two arms can be crossed over each other without tracking stalling, enabling the avatar to mirror human arms almost 1:1. 

We hope to release the first proper public promotional trailer later in November.

Thank u

​if there is any projects please let me know.. It would be so thankful to u.. The project can be in any topic , for just sake of my final year project I need to submit soon. Thank u so much.

I remembered that the Intel Developer Zone email newsletter occasionally has RealSense projects with files, so I went back through my email archives and found these:

*  Create a virtual joystick

*  Head tracking

*  Voice command

*  Simple RGB streaming

*  Perceptual drone speech recognition

Many of the list above requires sr300 whereas I have F200.. Will it support that??and yah thanks a lot for helping me a lot.

I suspect that they probably suggest the SR300 because it's the latest camera, and the F200 is no longer available to buy.  Intel tend to recommend modern specifications as their minimum requirement, when older equipment will sometimes work (e.g recommending Generation 6 Skylake processors when Generation 4 Haswell ones will also work).  It shouldn't take long to give them a try with your F200 and see which ones work.

If you want F200-guaranteed code, most of my guides that have code in them have a full C# script listing that can be copy and pasted into a script file.  I develop with the F200 myself, so can vouch that they work.

Edit: I should add that I offer all of the techniques and code in my guides that I have created as open source without restrictions, so you are welcome to use and adapt them in your own projects for free.

​If you want F200-guaranteed code, most of my guides that have code in them have a full C# script listing that can be copy and pasted into a script file.  I develop with the F200 myself, vouch that they u develop with F200? Have u done any code or project with that?? U have any?I mean codes.
can u swn

Can u send me those please.

Yes, I develop with F200.  I'm currently involved in the final development stages of the first instalment of an episodic PC game that my company is aiming to release in early to mid December 2016.  Most of the custom-built RealSense systems used in that has been published in my guides on this forum, so they are an excellent place to get code for your project from.

I think the most important thing right now is to choose a subject for your project.  Once you have that then it will be easier for me to guide you towards the specific resources that you need.

Hi Vignesh R,

Check out SharpSenses

I really easy way to use camera features :)


Thankyou Marty.. I will decide the topic today and let u know soon.. Thank u soo much for helping me..

Thank u Andre.. Yes that is simple.. Thank u sooo much..

Any time :)

Hey Marty. Can u help me with a small game using gesture control? Just like moving the hands and playing.. A small game is enough.. That is simple.. I just want to show my project guide a working game.. That's all.. Is that possible?

Samples like that come packaged with the RealSense SDK.  At the location where you installed the SDK on your computer, a folder called 'RealSense SDK Gold' is also created.  This contains an application called 'Intel RealSense SDK Sample Browser'.  When you run this application, you will find numerous ready-made programs in various languages (C++, C#, Java, Unity, etc) that can be run straight away and demonstrate playing with the hands (e.g opening and closing virtual hands, or moving a ball against towers).

Hey marty and Andre. I need a help! Can you provide me codes and steps for a small game.? That is a game in which there is a ball, using gesture we are dropping it in a basket. just simple. Can i get? please.

It sounds like what you want to do would be quite simple to do in the Unity game engine.

1.  Create a spherical object representing the ball.

2.  Place a 'Rigidbody' physics component inside the ball and tick the Gravity option in the Rigidbody so that the ball is affected by gravity and drops down.

3.  Create a simple flat floor object for the ball to drop onto so that it does not fall forever.

4.  Put inside the ball a 'TrackingAction' script (it comes packaged with the RealSense SDK) and set it to respond to your hand being in front of the camera.  When the hand is detected, it will override the Rigidbody's gravity effect and allow you to freely move the ball around in the air using your hand.

5.  Set the TrackingAction to activate when a "hand closed" gesture is detected.  So as long as your hand is closed, you will be able to move the ball around in the air without it dropping down.

6.  Also set the Hand Lost condition in the TrackingAction to activate when you open the hand.  When the camera sees your open hand, it will stop tracking your hand and the Rigidbody will re-assert control, causing the ball to drop down.  If the ball is over the basket when you open your hand, it should drop into the basket.

Edit: here's the Rigidbody and TrackingAction settings I recommend.

You can make the boundaries of the area that you can move the ball around in larger by increasing the 'Virtual World' setting from '5' to a higher value.  Do not set it too high though or your ball will travel so far that it disappears off screen.

so there is no codes to be run in visual studio?? Or any scripts?​

I have added Unity settings above for the Rigidbody and TrackingAction.

I do not use Visual Studio, so I cannot give advice on how to make such a program in that software.  I'm sure it's possible from what I have seen in the example programs packaged with the SDK though.  For simplicity, I believe making it in Unity and then exporting it as a standalone .exe application would be the best path for you (unless your project supervisor requires it to be made in Visual Studio).

The above steps using unity is quite easy.. is there anymore steps, or that's all? 'TrackingAction' script (it comes packaged with the RealSense SDK). how to integrate this?

And my supervisor granted permission to do with Unity. He just wanted to make the project quite simple. Just picking a ball and placing it in a basket. with that we need to explain how we did with unity a step-by-step process. that's all..

hey marty. I just thought an idea, is that easy to develop an application using gestures to control the laptop by closing and opening applications. for example, using hand just tapping "close icon" it just closes. is there any possible way to do like that?

There would be no script programming involved in the Unity ball example.  Everything in that project could be done with drag-and-drop of elements and typing values into configuration windows.

To use the TrackingAction script in your project, you start a new Unity project and then run an application packaged with the SDK called Unity Toolkit whilst Unity is running.  This imports the camera files and scripts (including TrackingAction) into your project.  You can then select scripts from the panel that contains the project assets and drag and drop them into objects (such as the sphere representing the ball).

The idea of opening and closing a laptop's applications with Unity (if you are talking about applications outside of Unity) would likely be too difficult, as it would probably involve writing a custom C++ module so that Unity could communicate with non-Unity programs.

For opening and closing application, is there anywhere I can find the script for it? Using C program? Or any forms related with it?

As far as I know, accessing programs from other programs (e.g to turn a program off) tends to be difficult.  This is because if it were easy then people could write malware programs that trick people into damaging their computer or taking control of it when the malware program is run.

Omg that's a problem.. Ok.. Can I have sample scripts in forms where I use just hand to say hiii.. Just shaking hand. Can I find any scripts for that?

​my supervisor told me if possible use visual studio! Is there any sample scripts just to shake hands and tell "Hi".?

I am guessing that if you are developing in Visual Studio, you are writing in C# language?  If so, you should look for C# scripts, not "Visual Studio scripts" specifically.

I can't help with scripts myself because I develop in Unity, not Visual Studio.  I would recommend googling for 'visual studio open and close programs'.  For example, the top search result I got was a YouTube guide to making a voice-controlled open and closer in C# Visual Studio.

Another useful YouTube video shows how to configure RealSense in Visual Studio.

I think you will probably be able to piece together what you need if you just google around.

Edit: it occurred to me that opening and closing applications is usually an action that you do with the mouse.  RealSense comes with a tech that could do this called the Touchless Controller.  Here's the text from the manual's entry about it.


The touchless controller module allows you to use hand gestures to control basic user interface functions, such as moving the cursor, scrolling and selecting.  The module works in conjunction with the Intel RealSense 3D camera to identify certain hand gestures, which are used as triggers for UI controls.  The module is “touchless” because it doesn’t require the user to touch a mouse, keyboard or other device, but rather to perform intuitive hand gestures in front of the computer screen.

The module is based on the hand tracking module.  The hand module provides raw hand tracking information and gesture identification (see Hand Tracking).  The touchless controller module performs higher level functions, including mapping gestures to UI controls and generating the appropriate system events.  In addition, its gesture identification feature is tailored specifically to the task of performing UI controls.  For example, when a zoom action is performed, other irrelevant gestures (such as taps) are ignored.

Here's a link to a similar project someone did with it on GitHub.  The YouTube videos are broken but the download link for the source code still works.


Thank you so oooo much marty.. I wouldn't forget this help.

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