implement some generic 3D interaction techniques in Smoke

implement some generic 3D interaction techniques in Smoke

Hello Orion,

Were evaluating how easy would be to implement some generic 3D interaction techniques in Smoke, and we wonder if you could point to us some generic information before we start our development. We have as reference the interaction techniques mentioned in "3D User Interfaces. Theory and Practice", from Bowman, Kruijff, LaViola, and Poupyrev. Could you please answer the following questions with a number between 1 and 9 (1 for difficult, 9 for easy) and a short comment.

1. Integration of novel devices, i.e. Wiimote or phasespace trackers (

2. Other selection techniques (i.e. select by a ray, select by colision with a virtual hand)

3. Other travel techniques (i.e. move to a visible object, move by a predefined path, move to an object by name)

4. Show a map, a gamers position, a gamers known world, and a target.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey Juan ^_^ Those are some good questions. Adding generic 3D interactions should be easy enough; there is a separate system (SystemInput) that is designed to process user interactions. The code in this system is very minimal and easy enough to replace/extend. Here is some feedback on your questions. Number 1 would be easy enough if you already had the code to read the input (e.g. reading input from the Wiimote). So about a 7. For number 2, this might be a little more challenging because of the need for ray cast. There is already code to support calls to the physics system from other systems... but it's not being used at the moment and not that straightforward (give this one a 3). Number 3 is interesting. There is already code for scripting (SystemScript) that was never actually used. You could extend this system to do most of these travel techniques... or just write a simple AI. I would give this one about a 7. Number 4 is easy... if you can figure out how to use the overlay code in SystemGraphicsOgre. Give that one a 8 if the overlay code looks easy or a 5 if not. These are all very interesting ideas! Please keep me up-to-date on your progress. Thanks, Orion

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