Intel PCM - Starting MSR service failed with error 2

Intel PCM - Starting MSR service failed with error 2

Dear PCM Team,I use PCM successfully on one computer with two Xeon E5645 CPUs running Windows XP. When I tried to run it on another system with Xeon E5504 CPU, I get the "Starting MSR service failed with error 2", which I believe is a file-not-found error for msr.sys. I have msr.sys in the same directory as pcm.exe the way I use it in my other system. So I don't know why the file could not found. I have administrator prevlideges when I run pcm.exe. Can you help me with this?Note: I have tried using winring0.dll/winring0.sys as explained in the PCM zip as an alternative to msr.sys. This works except that the computer freezes/hangs after a few minutes. I use PCM in my program and show some measurements in a GUI.Debolay

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Debolay,for the MSR service the msr.sys also have to be copied into the Windows system32 directory (for example c:\windows\system32\ on my machine).Thanks,Roman

Roman,I put msr.sys into the WINDOWS\system32 directory. I also have msr.sys in the location of pcm.exe. But I get the same error. Here is the output:Intel® Performance Counter Monitor Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Intel CorporationStarting MSR service failed with error 2Trying to load winring0.dll/winring0.sys driver...Failed to load winring0.dll/winring0.sys driver.Cannot access CPU countersYou must have signed msr.sys driver in your current directory and have administrator rights to run this programNum cores: 4Num sockets: 1Threads per core: 1Core PMU (perfmon) version: 3Number of core PMU generic (programmable) counters: 4Width of generic (programmable) counters: 48 bitsNumber of core PMU fixed counters: 3Width of fixed counters: 48 bitsAccess to Intel® Performance Counter Monitor has denied (no MSR or PCI CFG space access).Debolay

Debolay,on E5504 which version of Windows XP do you have:* 32 or 64 bit?* Windows XP Professional x64 or just Windows XP Professional?I know that Windows XP Professional x64 has in fact a Windows Server 2003 kernel and therefore recognizes drivers compiled in "Windows Server 2003 x64" DDK environment.Thanks,Roman

Roman,I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3, 32-bit version. The CPU is Intel Xeon E5504. I compiled the msr driver in this machine itself.Debolay

64-bit Windows starting from Win XP will not load drivers which are not signed.PatchGuard protection will kick in and prevent the driver' entry point routine from beign called by the I/O manager.One of the workarounds is trying to use this program called "Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b".
Hope it helps.

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