Intel PCM - Computer freezes/hangs when I use winring0.dll/winring0.sys

Intel PCM - Computer freezes/hangs when I use winring0.dll/winring0.sys

Dear PCM Team,I am using PCM with winring0.dll/winring0.sys from OpenHardwareMonitor. I execute pcm.exe with a delay of 1sec. It works fine for a couple of minutes and the computer freezes afterwards and I have to force restart it. I have a Windows XP machine; and I am executing pcm.exe with an administrator previledge. I highly appreciate your help in this. Thank you.Debolay

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Debolay,let us first understand if the issue is related to the winring driver. Can you try to compile the msr.sys driver included in the PCM package and use it instead of winring0? Windows XP does not require you to sign the driver.Thanks,Roman

Roman,Thank you very much for the fast response. I actually first tried using the msr.sys driver. Let me explain. I have a computer with two Xeon E5645 CPUs running Windows XP. I run pcm.exe with msr.sys and it works fine. Now I want to run pcm.exe in another computer with one Xeon E5504 CPU running Windows XP. When I do this, I get the "Starting MSR service failed with error 2". This I believe is a file-not-found error saying that it couldn't find msr.sys. I didn't know what to do with this; so I used the winring0 alternative as you explain in the HOWTO in the pcm zip. That works fine except that the computer freezes after a few minutes. I have tried this in yet another computer; and I get the same problem. In all cases, I run pcm with an administrator prevlidge. Debolay

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