Problem with Multiple display monitoring on DELL XPS 14 Z

Problem with Multiple display monitoring on DELL XPS 14 Z

I have DELL XPS 14Z Notebook. Idid aclean install of Windows 7 32 bit. Recently I purchased mini display to VGA adapter (cosmy notebook didn't have external VGA).When I use it for the first time it worke well with both the laptop display and the external projector show at the same time with the automatic resolution adjustment to match the projector resolution. When I use my keyboard (Fn + F1) key to switch between different mode )projector only, duplicate, extend,..etc) it refuse to display both. Only I need to choose projector only to have the projector work but not both. Further trials revealed that when use duplicate it choose a native resolution that not supported by the projector and there is no option to change it. Please can anyone help?

Note: DELL XPS 14Z have a switchable INTEL HD 3000/ NIVIDEA ge force 520M 1GB

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This likely has to do with your BIOS or OS settings. I would suggest you consult the Dell user guides for this issue.

No data that could help solve the problem in XPS 14Z Owner Manual ifthat you mean with Dell user manual. Please ay new ideas.

Unfortunately this is really an issue related to the Dell system. The processor itself is not involved in the display settings. This forum is related to processor performance and code optimization issues.

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