Intel Turbo Boost

Intel Turbo Boost

One day, the intel turbo boost was working fine, but i think pressed some keys or something. I dont remember, but before i pressed the keys, the blue bar on my intel turbo boost was going up and down whenever i do something, but now it always stays at the bottom and there is a green leaf next the bar. I dont know what is wrong and overall, my laptop seems a lot slower because when i play a game, it always lags, and my ping is always at the lowest. Can someone help me?

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my ping is always at the lowest

ping is the round trip time and is not related to turbo boost technology.While playing online game perceived smoothness is the function of so called "ping" as described above.
Regarding turbo boost you can check your BIOS settings and enable turbo boost if it was somehow disabled.

yeah i know that, but the problem is that i think there is somethings wrong with processors or something because before i had this problem, the blue bars on my turbo boost used to go up and down whenever i do something. However, now the bar just stays at the bottom no matter if im doing anything or not.Also i have asus g74sx laptop.

the blue bars on my turbo boost used to go up and down whenever i do something

This is a very hard question to answer.Unless your post has been read by people more knowledgeable in turbo boost technology and its software front end nothing can be done.
The other alternative is to perform static dissassembly of the software front end and try to understand the programming logic behind the "blue bars". Another option is to use windbg user and kernel modewith logger extensions turned on and track functions call originated in front end application.Such a function calls chain probably involvesa calls to acpi.sys driver which I think is responsible for software control ofturbo boost.
Sadly but acpi.sys can be debugged only in checked build windows.

My advise is to simply forget this issue and enjoy your CPU it works well. Squeezing a few percewnt more of processing power will not give you anything because your online gaming is affected primarly by high ping values.

Hello ehddbs0728,
Can you check you power scheme/settings?
I used to know how to quickly do this... there used to be a 'max performance' or balanced or power-saving mode for the processor.
On my laptop i can't find those settings anymore... everything has gotten spread out.
In any case, on windows, the balanced and power-saving power schemes disable turbo mode.
Hopefully this helps,

Hiehddbs0728 and Patrick,
You can find those settings on Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

Hope it helps.

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