Voltage Regulator Test Tool (VRTT) Software Issues

Voltage Regulator Test Tool (VRTT) Software Issues

Howdy Folks,

I am using Intel's VoltageRegulator Test Tool (VRTT) along with the Power Delivery Tool (PDT) software to test certain power rails on a motherboard. I've made it through static loadline testing in each of the Power States and am now to transient responses. I'm only able to acquire the transient repsonse measurements that occur within one PS mode. The testing that is not working requires the VRTT to test the transient response of the rails in question while switching from PS1 to PS0 over and over. This test is also required from PS2 to PS0 over and over. The issue is that the VRTT is not switching PS modes, and the PDT always reads 255 for the PS mode that it's in (it should only read 0-3). I've the Power Status Indicator (PSI#) signal and the Command Sync Output (CSO#) signal being monitored on my oscilloscope. Neither of these signals are asserting when they should be. Even if I set the PSI threshold tobe asserted by default (3FFF) at all times there is still no change.If anyone has any knowlege or experience with the VRTT or PDT softwareor any ideas at all please give me a shout out.I've attempted to attach a sample of the spreadsheet being used for data input as well as a sample from the PDT.



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Hello Brydon,
I doubt that anyone on this list knows anything about VRTT.
Is there a support channel from where ever you got the tool?

Hi Pat,

Thanks replying. I'm not sure if there is a support channel specifically for the tool itself. I was able to have this issue submitted as a ticket to the QUAD system, so I should be hearing something soon... I hope.

Thanks again,


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