Cannot measure DRAM power

Cannot measure DRAM power

Hello Intel community,I have some questions about monitoring.I am using E5-2670 CPU, and Intel Server Board S2600CP.I heard that this platform can measure power consumption on CPU and DRAM respectivly, but there are a few errors.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ERROR: QPI LL counter programming seems not to work. Q_P0_PCI_PMON_BOX_CTL=0xffffffff Please see BIOS options to enable the export of performance monitoring devices....S0; Consumed energy units: 1163926; Consumed Joules: 17.76; Watts: 17.80; Thermal headroom below TjMax: 65S0; Consumed DRAM energy units: 0; Consumed DRAM Joules: 0.00; DRAM Watts: 0.00-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
First, I can't find that options in BIOS. What do I do?And secondly, although I run memory benchmark, DRAM energy are not measured like above.What's the problem?Hope this helps.Chanho Choi

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Unfortunately, most hardware vendors have decided not to expose these counters. You might want to file a request with your hardwarevendor to provide a BIOS that enables this feature or implements a BIOS option to enable it.

hi 찬호 최 ,

Could you please try to change the "Memory Power Optimization" option in S2600CP BIOS from "Performance Optimized" (default) to "Power Optimized" and see if you can get the DRAM energy metrics?


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