Intel PCM - How To on Windows

Intel PCM - How To on Windows

Hi,I previously used Intel PCM on linux and now am trying it out on windows.I have to say that it was so much easier to use on linux because of the structure.For windows, I am having trouble finding what I have to do to use the PCM API. I see IntelPcm.dll but I do not know where to place it! And how do I use the API from my applications? What all headers do I need?It would be really helpful if you could provide such a document!Thanks,Pranith

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on Windows please look at the MSVC project in the PCM_Win directory. It contains all you need to compile pcm.exe on Windows from the example source file cpucounterstest.cpp . Same as on Linuxit compiles the sameCPP files into object files and linkes them into a single executable. The only difference is the "Driver" class that loads Windows msr kernel driver: #include "../PCM_Win/windriver.h". See the usage of the driver class in the cpucounterstest.cpp

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Hello Pranith,
Roman has listed how to build PCM on Windows.
My experience is below...
I followed the instructions in the WINDOWS_HOWTO.rtf file.
Short version:
1) cd PCM_Win
2) type 'pcm.vcproj'
Visual Studio loads (maybe convertsthe project file)
3) Hit the 'Build->Build Solution' visual studio menu item
This should build pcm.exe
4) cd .. # now you should be back in the main PCM dir
5) copy PCM_Win\Debug\pcm.exe .
Now we've built the executable... we still need a Ring0 level driver
You can build your own but on Win7 64bit the driver has to be signed or you have to run in debug mode.
Below I get a prebuilt, signed WinRing0 driver from Open-Hardware-Monitor.
6) download Open-Hardware-Monitor (from
I picked the latest version ver 0.4.0-beta URL
7) unzip
8) copyOpenHardwareMonitor\winring* .
So now the winring0*.dll and winring0*.sys files should be in same dir as pcm.exe
9) now pcm is ready to go. You should be able to do:
.\pcm.exe 1

Thanks Roman and Patrick for the information.


I was able to follow you until 6) where you tell me to copy winring0* from openhardwaremonitor. I downloaded the zip file and did not find any winrin0* files. Maybe they have been moved? Is there anywhere else I can find them?


open-hardware-monitor has apparently stopped shipping winring0.

RealTemp still has it.
You can go to and click on 'Real Temp 3.70' or
and click on the 'Download Now'icon.

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