[Intel PCM] SNB-Server support ?

[Intel PCM] SNB-Server support ?

I noted that 1.7 has been released.
I have the follow questions.
1. When is it support SNB Server ?
2. Is it support memory bandwidth on Nehalem-EX/Westmere-EX

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  1. We plan to release a version of Intel PCM for the next generation of Intel Xeon server (with microarchitecture code-named "Sandy Bridge") shortly after the release of the processors.
  2. Yes, Intel PCM supports the measurement of memory and Intel QPI traffic on the Intel Xeon EX server line. In particular, you can measure these metrics on the Intel Xeon 7500 and E7 processor series (code-named "Nehalem-EX" and "Westmere-EX").
    Users ofIntel VTune Amplifier XE will be pleased to hear that you can now also monitor memory traffic from within VTune with the latest version.

Sandy Bridge servers are now released and I am desparate for a version of PCM that supports the EP proessors. Is there an ETA for the release of the next version of PCM?

We are wrapping up the release of Intel Performance Counter Monitor (Intel PCM) for Intel Xeon processor E5 series. The article andpackage should be updated within a week or two.

Hi,the update 2.0 for Intel PCM with support of Intel Xeon E5 series (microarchitecture codename Sandy Bridge-EP/EN/E) has been just released.Roman

I got it.
Thank you.

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