How to apply 'developer system programming manual' on SNB

How to apply 'developer system programming manual' on SNB

I want to collect microarch data on SNB-Server.
But its public material doesn't contain that arch,
how can I apply?

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Can you provide more information on what you'd like to do?
'collect microarch data' on a not-yet-released product is kind of vague.

I suggest that you get in touch with the person you received the server from. As Pat has already noted, this hardware is not released yet. Nor is any documentation or performance tools that supports it puclibly available.

If past history is a guide, there would be no new VTune methods beyond those implemented for SNB desktop, described here .

I want to study the microarch on SNB.
SNB-Server isn't released, SNB-Desktop is released.
Is there any materials about SNB-Server that I can apply ahead?
The materials on SNB-Desktop is not enough. I can only get a few events.
The materials I get from the site And there isn't events about memory bandwidth(Cbox). How can I get more?

I answered this a few days ago. But it don't display.

We didn't get the post.
Can you re-post it?

I want to apply "system programming manual" on SNB Server before it release.
If I can, How can I do that?

I want to study the microarch technology. Now I get a SNB-Server machine. But there's no release document.
I want to apply it. If I can, how can I do that?

Just to let anyone monitoring this thread know... we are pursuing this topic via private threads.

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